Exclusive Focus

On Your Inspection


Eco Friendly Inspections

Easy online scheduling and comprehensive (but easy to read) digital inspection reports, through the industry leading Spectora software.


Modern Tooling

Hi-Res Thermal camera, 4k drone video/images, laser temperature readings, 10ppm digital gas leak detection, GFCI & AFCI Circuit analyzation & digital moisture content readings.


Quality Assurance

We value the quality of our inspections utmost and dedicate the time needed to do a thorough evaluation of the entire home and surround.  

The National Average Home Inspection Duration:

2.5 Hours

(2k sqft Home)

Average Monument Home Inspection Duration:

5 Hours

(2k sqft Home)

Inspection Guarantee:

Our Commitment

"When you schedule an inspection, we allocate the whole day just for your appointment so you know we're not rushing off to another job."
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Incredibly thorough and insightful, this home inspector truly exceeds expectations compared to other home inspection companies that I’ve used in the past. I recommend Monument Home Inspections if you want a more personal, non-corporate experience.

Paul Harrington

Choosing this home inspection service was undeniably the best decision my wife and I recently made. The inspector conducted a comprehensive examination of our existing home, leaving us with a detailed report of multiple issues that have been either unnoticed or neglected over the years.

Eric Reid

“Matt inspected a property for me and laid to rest any concerns that I had in moving forward with my purchase. He took the time to address all my questions about the defects found in the inspection, which was great. The digital inspection report was pretty impressive just by its self too!

Brendan Walsh

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